Compile Error Messages

With Possible Solutions

MatchToken( "{" ) failed at line xx

xx can be a variety of numbers, it relates to what line the error is on in either your .map file or one of your shaders. Say it gives MatchToken {"{"} failed at line 55, then you need to open up your map file or shader in notepad (check your map file first) look down for line 55 and see where you can add in the bracket.

Shader not found/shader image missing

This is where you might not have loaded any textures and you will see that blue and black image. Also if you have added some custom textures, make sure there in the textures folder, and that you have entered the shader into the shaderlist.txt. Say if the texture folder you have created is called "town" then you need to add "town" to the shaderlist.txt on a new line. Sometimes common textures may suddenly disappear, this can be often solved by reinstalling the editor. No one seems to know why this happens, but its rare and can be solved usually by reinstalling radiant. On occasion you might have made a texture and in the shader not put in "qer_editorimage textures/mymap/texturename.jpg " if you dont have that line then the editor wont display the texture image.

Also shader image missing is often a harmless message appearing in the console or compile.

Leaf has too many portals

Generally means that you have a very complicated brush someplace probably with a lot of faces and is far too irregular and complex so the map wont compile so you need to make it less complex.

ERROR: DispatchBSPCommand failed with a COM exception

A problem with gtkbuild and q3build, you must have the .dll in the plugins folder and it needs to be compatible with the editor or it will give this error, with wolf you probably wont be using any of these compilers anyway, but if you are somehow this might occur.

SV_SetBrushModel: NULL

This is an error which related to one of the entities in your map, say you have placed a areaportal texture on a door entity, thats going to give this error. You should look through your entities and see if you can see anything dodgy. Look for mainly irregular textures on entities, like the areaportals on doors, origin textures on triggers etc, remove textures that shouldn't be on certain entities.

Debatably can also be where you have entities that are only 1 smallest unit thick. This error has been debated to whether it does really cause this error, still if the other solution doesnt work try this.

FloatPlane:bad normal

Not to common error, this seems to occur after some vertex manipulation gone wrong, check your vertexed shapes for irregulars and you can try deleting vertexed shapes that disappear when you try vertexing them. Im not 100% sure but you could also try using bobs tools in the plugins, and select brush cleanup which should delete bad brushes for you.

RE_LoadWorldMap: maps/mymap.bsp not found

Always type /sv_pure 0 before loading your map up when testing. This allows the map to be loaded without putting it in a PK3.

This may also mean your map has a leak; this will cause a BSP to not be created. For more information, see the mapping FAQ.

Bad PointToPolygonFormFactor

This is some sort of patch/mesh error, some say its caused by large patches and you can ignore it if it doesnt cause any problems. Also it is said that it can occur from a patch/mesh being to close to a sky texture.

Node without a volume / node has x tiny portals/ node with an unbound volume

Usually a problem with small brushes of 1x1 or infinite brushes, it needs to be deleted.

You also might want to try using bobs tools to delete it, by pressing "brush cleanup". Also by using the coordinates given in the error you can try to find the brush and delete it that way.

WindingFromDrawSurf failed: MAX_POINTS_ON_WINDING exceeded

Often happens when you have a lot of brushes touching one brush, like 64 (which is meant to the the limit )all touching the same brush. Which if you can imagine you have made a wall and have 64 brushes up against it you will probably receive this error, so try to cut them down to less.


This is normally a problem with your total amount of brushes on the map being over the limit, the limit is apparently 32768, so you should try to get rid of some brushes. If your amount of brushes is around that area or you can remove some brush sides, each brush has multiply sides so try removing some of the sides that wouldn't be seen when playing.


This usually means that a brush face that is visible is being split to many times, seems similar to max points winding in that you might get this error if you have too many vertices touching one brush or face.

Couldn't find image for shader noshader

You might see this pop up now and again, it usually means a slight error in a shader, but it can usually be ignored with no problems.


Apparently too many cones or spheres, you must have a crazy map to receive this error, the limit is 65,535 of facets mr coneman


Usually means far too many lights are in your map, and to solve this you need to up the gridsize setting. You can use Worldspawn to enter gridsize with values of 128 128 128 or higher

You can also use the common/lightgrid texture to make a single brush around your map which q3map will keep in these bounds, therefore not lighting up anything not in under the bounds of the brush.


This usually happens with large maps, it occurs when you have 256+ vertices on one face, which reminds me of the MAX_POINTS_ON_WINDING which has a limit of 64 vertices touching one brush, so its odd how it can even happen. Anywho you need to rectify the error by not having so many vertices on one brush!

WARNING: models/mapobjects/texturename.tga has empty alpha channel

Not normally a problem. Delete the alpha channel from the TGA and resave it to remove the warning.


You may get this error when making a very large map, and although the obvious thing to do is to downsize the map you can do other things such as use detail brushes more so the vis data is less complicated so then the vis data wont be so large.

Also dont forget to use the caulk texture. Take into account the way the map is structurally made, it might not of given the error because the map is huge, but because its been made poorly in that you can see too much on screen at once and the view of whats on screen at once hasn't been taken into account well enough.

WARNING: light grid mismatch

Can mean you havent done the part of the light compile possibly due to a leak or other error, which has resulted in full bright in map and that error message, so check for leaks and other errors, or run a full compile if you forgot to run the light part and had full bright light.


Usually means you have a really complicated complex brush in your map, thats not allowed! you need to make it less complex!

Brush with no normal

A brush has a dodgy face. Usually means that you cant see it in the editor, but can in the map (in game).

You can use bobs tools: brush cleanup to get rid of these in some situations. In other situations you might have to search your map file (in notepad) and look for decimal points (in the first 3 numbers in the brackets)and round them off (get rid of the decimal point). Also you might of manually rotated a patch and its went all funny, best not to rotate patch meshes manually (by using rotate and then move the mouse around to move them).

Warning RE_Add Poly To Scene: Null Shader

Usually an error with a shader which you need to find, it can prove difficult, you have to move custom pk3 files one by one into a temp folder and then see if you still get the error, when you dont get the error you will know what pk3 file to look in and look for the broken shader you have made.


This usually occurs with some abnormal targeting of lights, check for lights with "targetnames" in by mistake, remove all the targetnames from the light entities to fix it.

Line xxx is incomplete

Can be where you have missed out a end bracket { in a shader or some sort of missed out part of some code in a shader on the line mentioned, so check your custom shaders for incomplete brackets etc.


Usually an error with a missing closing or opening { in the start of the map file, you will need to open up your .map file in notepad and compare it with a working .map file, you might see at the start a missing bracket or unclosed one in worldspawn or something so try altering.

Map Map Visibility

Occurs when you have made a large map and too much is visible on screen or its just so huge the engine cant make the map. Try adding some vis blockers and making the map visually smaller.

Couldnt find bsp

Usually means you didnt put in /sv_pure 0 before you loaded your map, you must use /sv_pure 0 for mp maps otherwise it wont load. Can also occur very rarely where your map is there yet it doesnt seem to see, try renaming it and it normally works.


Main cause of this is when you have too many shaders. Try removing lines of them that are not used or remove entire ones, the limit is 3192. Unlikely to occur unless you have a large amount of shaders and textures in your map.


This might occur if you have put tesssize 1 in your shader by mistake, this means that texture is being tiled thousands of times so to speak. You need to enlarge the number to around 128, 256, etc.

Error: aas_point arena num: aas not loaded

This is normally where you are trying to load a single player map and you havent got any .aas files. Also remember to use "/spdevmap yourmapname" to load up.

For each single player map you make you need two .aas files, these are information for the AI, you only need to compile them using a tool, and they must relate to the same name as your map. See more in the tutorial for how to make aas files.

Backwards Tree Volume

The brushes that are touching the void are not structural. Select them, right-click on the 2D view, and select "Make Structural".

Try to think of structural brushes as your foundations, walls and roof/sky of your map, and detail brushes are everything that sits inside your map, furniture, decorations, paint on the walls etc.