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How to make .aas files

These files are needed so that the AI you have created can move about your map and know where everything is. Two files will be created, to which you need to place in your bsp folder when done.

1. First off you need the tools to perform the compiling.

Some of the files needed may be unnecessary but its best to be safe not sorry as they say.

The stuff is in a folder called "comp" Now you need to place this folder on your C: drive or equivalent like in Fig 1.0:

(Fig 1.0)

2. In the comp folder you will notice q3map in there and stuff but thats not needed.

To make the files you first need to put your bsp into the "comp" folder. So put "yourmapname.bsp" in the "comp" folder

Now open up command prompt or dos prompt whatever its called for you. You need to copy and paste in these lines separately, they will create the files you need:

C:\comp\bspc.exe -threads 1 -ext _b0 -cfg C:\comp\aascfg_lg.c -bsp2aas C:\comp\AItest.bsp copy bspc.log temp_b1.log -optimize

C:\comp\bspc.exe -threads 1 -ext _b1 -cfg C:\comp\aascfg_sm.c -bsp2aas C:\comp\AItest.bsp copy bspc.log temp_b1.log -optimize

I have in fact included them in a text file called "aas_lines" in the zip folder you downloaded so every time you need to make them, all you need to do is copy and paste from that file.

On win2k all I need to do is copy a line, then right click in the window and it will make the file. Once you have made the first one, enter the next part and it will make that file. You may have to right click and press enter to get them to start.

3. Now you should have 2 files, of course for some unknown reason to us all they have been named WRONG you need to change them.

- wrong!!!

As you can see they are wrong, they need to be .aas files, so essentially we need to move the dot so they are .aas at the end, like so:

- correct!!

(Note that my map was called "AItest" the name of the map corresponds with the name of the .aas files, if your map is called "tinseltown" then the .aas files will be called "tinseltown_b0.aas" and "tinseltown_b1.aas")

4. We should now have yourmapname_b0.aas and yourmapname_b1.aas as well as your bsp in that folder as well. You now need to move all this to your maps folder, where you will probably have an AI script file.

So you will have these:

yourmapname (AI file)

5. Done, if at first it doesnt work check to see if you renamed the .aas files correctly as this is a common oversight. There are other methods to do it too, try looking on our forum.

Problems, Comments, Queries try the forum

Tutorial by eyeronik

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