GTK Radiant 1.6.5 (Final?) Build

2017/11/19 19:09 by WeblionX

What is (likely) the last release of the 1.6.5 series of GTK Radiant is out, thanks to TTimo! You can get the source and binaries now.

Forum issues

2014/02/15 17:02 by WeblionX

As a note, after some changes by the webhost to what appears to be PHP the current version of the forum no longer works. The cost to get a new version of the vBulletin software is $200 (if they let us get the upgrade price) to $250 (if they don't). So the question, I suppose, is it worth it to get the forums up and running again? Feel free to contact us via email

GtkRadiant 1.6.3

2012/11/03 23:30 by WeblionX

Todays news comes via the Radiant mailing list: GtkRadiant 1.6.3 has been released today. According to TTimo, it contains Urban Terror improvements as well as the addition of QuakeLive support. You can download GtkRadiant 1.6.3 from the main website.

FAQ and Downloads Page Updates

2012/05/05 14:10 by WeblionX

I cleaned up the FAQ page today. I discovered there were some issues with the content, and a lot of issues with the HTML, after linking the page to someone. The content and visuals still need some updating but it is better than it was, in particular fixing an incorrect statement about caulk brushes.

The download page was also updated to point to some new links. GTKRadiant, now ZeroRadiant, has moved to a new location and is back under (somewhat) active development. They also have a new IRC channel #Radiant on QuakeNet.

Still Kicking It

2010/01/28 20:13 by WeblionX

It appears our previous host, WolfensteinX, has finally kicked the bucket. I know I've fallen greatly behind on transferring data, but I have finally gotten around to put up the FAQ and Compiler Errors pages. Hopefully I'll get some more pages up soon, and get more of the site using dynamic pages so the nagivation bars stay up to date.

As a reminder, if you have registered for the forums but have not been approved, send us an email and we'll be sure to activate your account.

Summer Solstice

2009/06/21 22:43 by WeblionX

It's the end of the longest day of the year. We're still active, albeit less often then we once were. The site is getting some minor backend updates, though nothing that you will probably notice. Additionally, the affiliates bar will be put to a little use. If you want on, send me a message on the forum with the information. All affiliate links should be somewhat related to the content covered on Surface. I may be resizing the images to a more standard dimension, but the layout shouldn't change too much.

Recent server downtime

2008/10/04 20:08 by WeblionX

The forums were down late last night as the host upgraded the database software. It should be running smoothly now.

I would also like to take this time to mention that there have been numerous spammers joining up to the forums lately, so all new member requests are to be moderated. If your account fails to be activated in a reasonable time, or you incorrectly get a message that your registration has been denied, please contact us with the username and it will be activated.

Site transfer complete

2008/07/22 15:26 by WeblionX

We are fully back online. There was an incorrect setting that kept the domain from being updated with the new website address. However, it is now fixed and the site should be running smoother than before. As always, email us if there are any questions or comments about the websites, or if you notice any problems.

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