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What are sparklies?

There are lots of complicated explanatio
ns of sparklies and you can probably find more in-depth information on the net about them, try searching for the techinal terms. Im just going to state what they are, they are basically tiny white dots that you might see in game where patches are near brushes and things. Often you wont see them if your using 32bit colour, its usually a 16bit colour problem. It can also occur where patches meet brushes.

its always best to have caulked textures behind meshes. Also endcap arches can cause sparklies, you can try using the bevel arch method to avoid that.

(fig 1.0)

Its hard to see from these pics because I dont see many sparklies in rtcw as im in 32bit colour, some people have reported seeing a lot, but I myself havent seen many. Anyway in fig 1.0 we can just make out the white dots where the mesh below meets the brush above.

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