Site transfer complete

2008/07/22 15:26 by WeblionX

We are fully back online. There was an incorrect setting that kept the domain from being updated with the new website address. However, it is now fixed and the site should be running smoother than before. As always, email us if there are any questions or comments about the websites, or if you notice any problems.

Site transfer

2008/07/18 17:39 by WeblionX

We are going to move to a different host, which should keep the database errors from occuring. Due to this move, the forums will need to remain locked until the transfer is complete. This move, if all goes well, will happen this Sunday and should be finished within a few hours, though the domain name update may take longer depending on your ISP.

Database problems

2008/04/05 10:53 by WeblionX

The forums have been occasionally giving errors due to problems with the database. In the beginning it was a lot worse until I blocked search engines from accessing most of the pages that they didn't need to going through, but they still pop up rather regularly. I'm going to be looking into moving the site to a better host, but this won't be resolved for a while. I'm just letting everyone know that if you ever get database errors on the forums, we're getting updated about them. Additionally, please don't refresh the page right away if you get a database error, please give it a minute to recover. Thank you, all.