Email Woes

2006/09/25 21:45 by WeblionX

Unfortunately, the email address was neglected for the past month due to a misconfiguration of an email client. Fortunately, nothing important was missed (Just a bunch of SQL errors from the forum transfer). But, to make a note of it, we also have in case we ever have problems with the GMail account.

New website, domain name, and layout

2006/08/01 20:04 by WeblionX

Unfortunately, we do not have a blog-type or CMS-managed news page, so all updates are manual at this point. While this does allow a greater degree of control, it prevents easy access for the other admins who do not have upload control. Time allowing, I will make a small script to allow the posting of news. For now, even with the script, there will be no section for comments, for those few that did post them.