Enemy Teritory Editor posted by eyeronik on Saturday 12th July 2003, 11:51

The enemy territory map editor is now out and ready to go. You can get your hands on it from rtcwfiles:


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Its a start posted by eyeronik on Thursday 26th June 2003, 05:54

Kim B has finished up "start" a single player wolf map thats been worked on by kim for about a year. Check it out on his site on the english version here

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News bits posted by eyeronik on Thursday 19th June 2003, 08:46

Sorry about the lack of updates, *insert excuse* got a pretty good reason why, anyway, some news in short..

Diaz has released his amazing map, Liner, based around Metal Gear Solid, its a single player map and well worth a go, a must see. See below for screenshots, you can download it here



Operation redmoon fathers day special map is out, check out screens and download by PolygonValley here Its a town map for single player, not sure if theres any red moons in it mind.

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Mp delivery final out posted by eyeronik on Sunday 8th June 2003, 12:48

Demoneye has released his final version of his map, mp delivery. You can download it here


* It's a LARGE map, intended for at least 12v12 play, and "spawn equiped" for 32v32.
* Dual explosive objectives, with good play balance
* The foundry contains a central spawn capture flag
* Drop down/retractable ladders at four points in the map
* Elevators
* Custom Textures
* Custom Sounds
* Monitor cameras for objective views


* Initial secondary objectives removed
* Wider corridors (including sewers) throughout
* Small rooms increased in size
* Upper attack areas near both objectives
* Upper area near Allied objective
* Redesign of upper corridors to stop the "Panzerfaust" corridor problem for the allied attack
* Unusable buttons removed
* Door ramps removed
* Spawn redistributed in foundry to highlight lower exit
* External spawn spread out to give more spawn locations (Defence/Base/Internal)
* FPS increased in external areas
* Elevators now run all the time
* Lower foundry doors can now be opened/closed from either side
* Now room/route added between Delivery Area, Store room, Sewers and Upper Corridor
* New route added between Internal Siding and Coal Bins
* Routes added from Internal Siding/Motor Pool to external tunnels
* Terrain texture darkened for players who play with competition configs
* Basement textures redesigned to show difference between Axis/Allied side
* Clipping issues on Allied side addressed


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Wolf Tactics Gone posted by eyeronik on Sunday 8th June 2003, 12:43

WT has indeed ended development. The main reason says it didnt take off, but rtcw has never been extremely popular so I dont know what numbers they were expecting but if they ported it to ET it might get more, but theyve given up on the old girl so what can you do. Best of luck with future projects, at least they enjoyed making it and we enjoyed playing it, thanks for a great mod!

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What else but.. posted by eyeronik on Thursday 5th June 2003, 12:17

Enemy T is taking the world by storm! I think many of us are genuinely surprised by how popular its proving, sure in top 10 most played but not up into the top 3! Its been quite the revelation and whats more its justified, If you havent yet downloaded it, I suggest you do. I dont think its killed off wolfenstein, because that would never get as popular as ET has become and some of that is because ET is free, but I dont think we are losing out and for me personally I prefer ET to rtcw, but many of us will because we have probably tired a bit of rtcw, but we havent lost anything just gained a new quality game. Just a shame about the sounds...

Also map wise ET has some great maps, I was really impressed with oasis (I think thats its name) the amount of time some of them must of took to make and the hard work that went into them must of been immense. Just check out the level of detail on the maps and hats off to the scripter I certainly dont envy doing that job! If you wish to visit the guys who made ET, check out thesplash damage site.

Back to surface news, you can now find an ET editor download link (gtk 1.3.8 beta) on the files page and I updated some other pages.

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Enemy Territory is out posted by eyeronik on Thursday 29th May 2003, 12:34

The full version of Enemy Territory is finally out. You dont need rtcw to play it either as you prolly know. It only comes with 6 maps so get making some more!

Not sure how many mirrors there are but fileplanet has one up, there doesnt seem to be an official mirror, oh and Fileshack has some.

More mirrors:

worth playing

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Textures posted by eyeronik on Wednesday 14th May 2003, 09:49

Ive made a few textures a while ago and not got round to making anymore so i thought id release just these few that i made. You can see examples and a download on the files page. Ive named it sf3_e1a to confuse you! Only joking, there were originally two other texture packs but one was then turned into propaganda posters and the other burned in hell, this one starts at sf3. Surface pack 3. Most of them are 512x512 and two are a little largers at 1024x512. Im sure you all wanted to know that stuff.

Check out examples and download on the files page

Click here for a large example pic.

Go on then, here is the example pic:

Go on then, here is the download link:


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ET expected next week posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 13th May 2003, 06:45

ET is apparently to be released next week, is this a business "next week" meaning whenever or a real next week, who knows. However it should be sooner rather than later. Lets hope that that test squashed some bugs! One thing I wonder is how many people clicked the ">" play button on the image with the antenna in the limbo menu, pretty funny what you hear

In site news, recently we were visited by a bot and it attacked our forums. Its the same bot that is attacking many vb boards on the net, mainly due to people not upgrading their forums (oops!) from 2.2.8, the board is now version 2.3.0 and those bots cant register now as there is image verification when you sign up. Also they were advert bots only so dont worry about your email addresses suddenly being attacked (some people were worried about this understandably)

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Day of Defeat v1.0 out! posted by eyeronik on Saturday 3rd May 2003, 02:22

Day of Defeat v1.0 has been released to download for halflife. The first one i downloaded had an IO error, it was the one from jolt uk so dont get that, probably best to get only the official mirrors listed. Guess what though, yes ive downloaded one from the official mirror list and it again gives an IO error. fab, dont think ill bother again, doubt i could stand the graphics anyway...ah just had a go finally and it seems pretty good if you can stand the graphics, be good on doom 3 engine though.

Download Mirrors

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Crusading on posted by eyeronik on Thursday 1st May 2003, 01:30

The Great Crusade has updated with new screenshots of some of the new weapon models they have made, fully skinned and in game of the mp40, sten and mp44. Not only that but they have two avi files of the reload animations for the sten and mp40.

Also it looks like the gc mod has iron sight style guns coded in. A small quote from their site:

The mod will feature a number of realism factors around the weapons' behaviour including aiming from the gun sights, recoil and shoulder shock effect, crosshair bobbing effect caused by hand unstability and player's movement/footsteps, as well as special accuracy modifiers depending on whether you're using the gun's sights or standing or crouching. Special attention is given to the real characteristics of weapons, such as the Rate of Fire. Aiming from gun sights is achieved via importing new weapon entities (eg. alternative fire mode) and animations.

Check out the The Great Crusade

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New Site Design

2003/04/30 13:36 by eyeronik

As you can see this is a new design. Anywho not much content has changed, I noticed some tutorials were bogged down with too many explainations so ive updated them ones, incase your wondering they were Explosive Objectives, ladders, lighting, Rotating Doors, Sky, Sliding Doors, Sounds, Texturing, Aas files.

I hope you like the new site design anyway, also we have a new link button. There is one slight change the map of the week wasnt being updated weekly so its now map of the moment, if you notice any errors please let me know, oh and the maps page isnt finished yet, sorry.

Also I finally have a digital camera and Ive actually managed to make three decent textures! yes three! so when ive reached about 10 or 20 ill release some.

Wolf Tactics is out!

2003/04/25 11:01 by eyeronik

Its out!

Download Links:

Fileshack US
bworld uk
uk mirror

Have fun! visit wt later

Hell has frozen over posted by eyeronik on Thursday 24th April 2003, 10:41

I looked out of my window today and saw pigs flying. Yes its true, halflife 2 is being made! Theres an actual picture up!!! in game too apparently. Looks cartoony though and I personally think its going to fail due to the fact its taken so long to make, so many other games have failed, who knows, lets hope not.

An actual halflife 2 image not just a crowbar

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ET Test Out posted by eyeronik on Thursday 24th April 2003, 01:55

The enemy territory test is out!

Download from wolfensteinx
Download from Blueyonder
or try Full official mirror listing

I just played it myself and it was really good, comes across as more realistic since the sounds are better than rtcw i think. All seems good, anit been able to play on a decent server yet mind, jolt and blueyonder rather stindgy with public servers these days, mainly due to cs having 500 billion. Update, theres now 4 jolt publics! Obviously they listened to me and got more, blueyonder have only 1 still, oh well....

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Wolf Tactics updates posted by eyeronik on Friday 18th April 2003, 01:11

Wolf tactics has updated its site with lots of new stuff including, new map screenshots and walkthroughs, player conversion guide, CVAR and Command Guide and even some desktop wallpapers. Check out the site here

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Shaping up posted by eyeronik on Saturday 12th April 2003, 07:17

The popular model maker milkshape (which i once bought for a friend and he never uses it!) has updated to version 1.6.6.

Added: autosave option, see Preference dialog, disabled by default.
Changed: MilkShape 3D now exits, when it detects security harming programs, rather than trying to close them.
Included: Text Generator plugin by Craig Musgrave.
Included: Q3Radiant MAP exporter by Jochen Winzen.
Included: Explode Tool by Ulf ?hl?n.

Milkshape site

Thanks to planetwolfenstein for the heads up.

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Enemy... posted by eyeronik on Saturday 12th April 2003, 07:07

ET must be closing in on some sort of release date perhaps, theres an interview popped up with locki on c&g, no pictures though, so put your reading glasses on and slip into those daffy duck slippers


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Wolf Tactics posted by eyeronik on Thursday 10th April 2003, 07:51

Good news about wolf tactics, it is most likely to be released in only a couple of weeks (not in months like we previously said!) and is currently undergoing testing. Keep checking their site for updates and with any luck it will be with us soon and we can all be having wolf tactics funage!

Update: They have some new news up, with some new map walkthroughs with images and parachute fun! Im downloading the parachute vid and the map screens look really good.

Visit wolf tactics

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rtcw mod roundup posted by eyeronik on Wednesday 9th April 2003, 09:41

Lets take a look at where the rtcw mod scene is heading at the current time!

wolf tactics

looks as if there statement of "its heading out the door" means it forgot to get its coat and will be a bit later, a few months later.

No mans Land

last update nearly a month ago and that was just to welcome new members, any actual progress update was 5 months ago.

crisis 51

Recently posted a need members, has no coder or update for a week since that post. looks like its going nowhere unless someone rescues it, perhaps lassie?

Sinister Awakening

You probably havent even heard of it since it needs awakening (-oh dear) last updated october 2002. Probably never see that one.


One of the more appealing mods but its hard to tell how its going, usually does large updates, last one 3 weeks ago, not much happening on forums either.


The only released mod to date and not exactly popular, needs to be more polished and professional to pull in more of a crowd.


Its hard to tell where they are, still updating though but who knows, like all the rtcw mods there's no progress meters.


last updated 5 or so months ago. If you read in the forums the leaders have said the mod is dead, shame they never bothered to post on the main site, ive been going there to check for updates for ages!

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Desert Combat 0.3 posted by eyeronik on Saturday 5th April 2003, 06:03

Desert Combat 0.3 is out for bf1942, massive demand so I suggest you use google and search for dl links (you will get a faster mirror) as official site is being visited a lot today.

Version .3N 4-3-2003
Adjusted Bomb Strength on SU-25 and A-10 some more
Added Harrier Cockpit
Fixed M-1974 water damage
Fixed AH64 Rockets against other helicopters (now they work)
Fixed Grenaded against helicopters
Made Minigun more powerful
Fixed Helicopter sound bugs
Fixed Exit positions on M-109
Increased Mortar Damage
Fixed Wake Airfield
Fixed BattleAxe
Fixed UH-60 seat positions

Version .3M 3-30-2003
Adjusted Bomb Strength on SU-25 and A-10 some more
Reverted Mig29
Made Planes rockets slightly stronger
Increased number of rockets soldiers have
Increased strength of AT rockets.

Version .3L 3-30-2003
Added Bocage Day 2 and Day 3
Fixed AC-130 AI bug
Increased power of ZPU
Lowered power of SU-25, Harrier and A-10 bombs
Changed Sandbags from Heavy Gunner to Assault

Version .3k 3-29-2003
Added the ability to create sandbag walls with Heavy Assault
Allow mortar to be place in second story buildings
Fixed shotgun strength, after 20 units it is ineffective
Fixed SU-25 strength againts helicopters
Fixed exploding spawns

Version .3j 3-26-2003
Changed ID of Heli's to strong planes, should stop people from Ramming, but will be weaker against small arms fire
Added Shotguns for both US and Iraq Troops
Fixed Mortar, now it should be fully depolyable
Added El_Alamein_Day_2, no planes
Fixed Market Garden
Fixed Omaha Beach
Updated Hind physics
Updated Apache Physics
Made M-109 and M-1974 armor stronger
Added water waked for M-1974
Fixed Scud sounds and rocket position
Fixed AC-130 Loadmaster in Co-op

Version .3e - .3i 3-20-2003
Added Harrier
Added AC-130 (Pilot position fire, move camera to see out left window, 6th positon opens and closes back door)
Added A-10_B with SnakeEye Bombs
Added SU-25 with AS-7 bombs
Added SCUD
Added 6 new classes (Support, Spec ops, Heavy Gunner, Sniper, Assault, AntiArmor)
Added Mortar
Added new Mp5
Added AK7-SU
Added C4
Added New Landmines
Added Sucide Bomber
Changed Axis, Allies to Opposition/ Coalition
Decreased F16 and Mig's ability to kill ground targets
Decreased A-10's splash Damage
Decreased planes abilities to destroy boats
Fixed Humbee Steering
Made M-1974 Amphibious
Tweaked Hind manuverabilty
Fixed LOD and Wreck model on most vehicles
Fixed Collision meshes, game should be faster now, no AC-130 collag.
Added new Mp5 sound
Added Rightclick , call artilary mode to AC-130 from cockpit
Added Proximity fuse on AMRAAM ROckets,more effective against planes

Version 0.3d 2-20-2003

Added "Call Artilary" to Pilot and Co-Pilot of UH-60, Fire button initiates.
Added the ability to add call artilary to any controlable object
Added Bradley Interior, will not hold 4 more people
When in positions 3/4 in Hind, Hatchup/HatchDown will open the doors
Made M-1974 Amphibious
Added UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter with 3 passenger positions and a minigin position
Added Minigun Stationary Weapon (not used anywhere except BlackHawk
Added Hind Helicopter
Added M-1974 Mobile Artilary
Added M-109 Mobile Artilary
Added US and Iraq Mortars (will be deployabe by medics)

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Day of Defeat posted by eyeronik on Friday 4th April 2003, 02:14

The popular mod dod is a month away from retail release, surprisingly its stand alone, its also probably the only game you could sell these days using a 5 year old engine, it just goes to show how good the playability is. Check out the preview and screenshots on gamespy

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Wolf Tactics posted by eyeronik on Friday 4th April 2003, 01:47

So it wasnt an aprils fools joke after all, wolf tactics is near release! they even have some map screenshots for you to take a peak at if you head on down to their maps page. Also of interest is a classes page, which shows pictures of the classes. Its all very tfc and it would be great to play that style on rtcw. Not all the pictures of the classes are in just yet but some are and they look very professional and well made. Id guess this mod will be released in two weeks or something unless it has some bug hiccups, but you know what its like.

wolftactics site (note that only by going to the maps page linked on there main page can you get the link to the classes page as they havent updated the other pages as yet)

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Human Head Hiring posted by eyeronik on Thursday 3rd April 2003, 04:57

Human Head are looking for some talented artists for level editing, modelling and other posts. You must be an experienced level designer who can use radiant. So chances are you would be working on some sort of quake 3 engine game. Why not take a look at the full lowdown at the human head website good luck!

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ATI Radeon 9800 PRO now Shipping posted by eyeronik on Thursday 3rd April 2003, 04:49

The apparent worlds fastest graphics card is now sailing at sea or rather its shipping! It doesnt specify if this is worldwide but it probably is, so expect to see the cards available in shops in the near future.

The RADEON 9800 PRO VPU is the only visual processor to run at full speed and full precision all of the time, providing excellent performance and visual quality without compromise. Numerous positive reviews and awards from leading online and print technology publications have generated huge demand for the graphics boards. A limited quantity pre-order campaign on ATI?s web site (www.ati.com) saw excellent demand for the RADEON 9800 PRO, selling out in a matter of days. Products for customers who pre-ordered RADEON 9800 PRO boards begin shipping today.

For a full statement pop on down to ati's website

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Facility Shuts Down at Six posted by eyeronik on Thursday 3rd April 2003, 01:51

Six has hit a brick wall with his map mp_facility and decided to release it as a tutorial, or rather "how not to make a map". I loaded the beast up there myself, it takes a while, once you get in you can see its an ambitious project to say the least, the problem is the layout has not been thought out in advance, also you can see he hasnt made it using caulk then texturing, because you can see a few faces uncaulked so that wont of helped, but its the sheer scale and layout that is the problem.

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Jolt cancels WildWest server posted by eyeronik on Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 09:25

Jolt uk has sadly removed the wild west mod server it had running, ive played there myself and it was fairly popular really, its a shame considering the amount of wasted cs servers they run that are always empty, but im guessing its because wild west now requires you to rename the "main" folder to "main2" to avoid crashing, something the wild west mod team really need to sort out.

The total number of servers for wild west now reads approx five, rather dissapointing, but strangely enough the wild west theme doesnt seem as popular as you might think, i remember a high quality quake 3 mod of the same theme which was very unpopular, which is a massive shame, so get out there and have a go on wild west mod! I suggest watching for a few dollars more before doing so to really get you in the mood!

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Wolf Tactics ? posted by eyeronik on Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 08:48

Apparently it wasnt just an april fools joke on the wolf tactics website, the mod will be released soon, unless its another april fools joke, i think as far as those go the best one i saw was that levelord was going to kuwait to do some photos for cs zero or gfx artists "teaming up with aol" caught a few people out. But anyway keep your eyes peeled because apparently wolf tactics is coming....

wolf tactics site

*update, i cant believe how many websites posted the "gta sin city" news as if it was real! i thought it seemed odd, it was an april fool from shacknews, see how many websites you can see it posted! theres tons!

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New Q3Map Attack lol posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 11:43

UPDATE* lol, if only id read the unreal part i might of realised it was an april fools joke

Another Q3Map2 was released yesterday with some new features, including rather importantly something to "inhibit occluder geometry" im always saying to people stop inhibiting my occluder geometries, now finally they should listen!

Change list:

2.5.4 (2003-04-01)

- New: support for Quake 1, Quake 2, Half-Life, Unreal, and UT2K3.
On BSP/-light/-vis, use the -game argument: -quake1 -quake2 -hl -unreal -ut2k3
- New: q3map_tessSize support for JK2/SOF2
- New: -lightmapsize N argument
- Fixed bug where switched styled lights weren't working correctly in SOF2/JK2
- Fixed bug where external lightmaps with generated shaders were referencing
the wrong lightmap
- Fixed bug causing lightgrid brushes to be ignored
- Added variable sphere around trace sample points to inhibit occluder geometry

Q3Map 2.5.4_win32
Full download archive (& linux stuff)

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Crisis Strikes Crisis Mod posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 11:26

The Crisis 51 mod has reported that it needs more team members or it will go under, they need coders, mappers and modellers. So why not have a go at mapping for them, nothing to lose really as of they do dissolve you can just release the map still. Anyway take a look at what they want and more at crisis 51 site and please forgive my headline

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Fake Doom 3age posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 11:14

I spotted a rather funneh screenshot party at the mother of all news sites the other day shacknews, basically people sent in fake pics they made for doom 3. You can check it out here

Also if your looking for the doom 3 alpha leak i doubt you will find it these days, you could try simulating that bathroom shot or up your resolution in quake 3.

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Jedi Knight 3? posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 11:05

According to jk2.net jedi knight 3 is 60% finished by LucasArts and Activision. Jk2 had a pretty good single player affair and some decent levels to boot, although probably not as good as the seriously over rated jk1 levels.

Right, with the story. At the end of Jedi Knight II, Kyle saves Jan from Desann?s claws, and the galaxy from the Doomgiver. Six years later: Kyle is now an instructor at Luke Skywalker?s famous Jedi Academy. Thus, for the first time in the Dark Forces series, you don?t play as Kyle Katarn! Instead, you create a character for yourself. Create? Yes, similar to a role-playing game you choose your characters gender, race (Humans and Twi?leks are confirmed so far) face, hair cut and clothing! And the customization doesn?t end there: you also choose a saber handle, colour and whether you want to use one or two sabers! Later on, you will also get a Darth Maul-style double-bladed saber.

check out the whole story here

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Texture Challenge @ Map Center posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 10:52

Map Center has started up its 5th stage of its meditterranean texture challenge. Paul Jaques has written up a rather professional document on how to enter and its ideal for those wanting to get an industry style piece of work underway. Check out the rules here and go make yourself some sand!

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New News Stuff posted by eyeronik on Tuesday 1st April 2003, 09:52

Good Evening girls and boys, just a note to say we have a new news system in place for more news fun. I was bombared with people requesting to be news posters too last time i asked with a grand total of 0 people. So anyway ill ask again, now all you have to do is post in a little box, but the main reason was just so we can have better news really including more map news from lots of formats just to keep the site running along and give a bit more content. Also this news has a comments system, im sure it probably wont be used much but its there anyway

Also if anyone has any remedies for trapped-nerves-in-little-fingers (for 2 days!!!) please let me know! ow!

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