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How to make water

1. Its quite simple to make water, you need to make some sort of hole or pit where you need the water to go first.

2. Now all you need to do is find a texture for the water, go to "textures" Then find "liquids". Load up your texture window if its not already on press t.

They dont look like they will in game, some textures look a little odd in the editor but will look like water, sea etc in the game.

3. Now create a brush where you want the water to go and thats the water all done. I chose "water_calm2" for mine:

Note a lot of the water textures dont work, anyway I think the ones that do work go clear white when you first put them in, or at least see-through. For instance, pool3d_5 doesnt work, neither does pool3d_5e.

4. Its all done now, this particular water looks like this in game, if you need to join pieces of water you might get a line error or something, to combat this you can use a nodraw water texture and shader, just make a simple texture or copy one and rename it nodrawwater and use this shader:

qer_trans .5
surfaceparm nodraw
surfaceparm trans
surfaceparm nonsolid
surfaceparm water

(Thanks to det for that)

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