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Making a rotating door

Here we are going to learn how to make your everyday swinging door.

5. Ive made a door 4x8 and fairly thin.

Fig 1.0

What we now need to do is specify where the door needs to pivot from, to do this we need to make make an origin brush and place it where you want the door to pivot. To do this first load up the "Origin" texture which is located in the "common" texture set.

Ive made a brush where I want the door to pivot, Fig 1.2, its basically the same height as the door.

Fig 1.2 Fig 1.3

6. Select both the "door" and "origin" brush and then "right click" and select "func" and then "func_door_rotating"

Press the "N" key to put up the properties. Ive entered the following keys (see fig 1.4)

Fig 1.4
7. You can enter in various other keys if you wish, just read the descriptions for each. But our door is now finished.

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