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1. Firstly download Mbuilder and then install it. You can place it in any directory, its just one single file.

2. It will ask you where directories are so direct it to the correct directories. Note that q3map and mohlight are in the "mohaa tools" folder by default.

3. You can see in the "select .map file" your current maps should be listed, if there not then you either havent got any map files or you have put the map source directory wrong so change it.

4. As you can see on the left on the screen we have "bsp options" "vis options" and "light options" these are the steps of the compile. Each part has a "change" button, if you press that you are given more options, this is useful if you want to do a quick compile and or a final compile. For instance in the vis options there is -fast, so if you choose that it will do a fast vis, which means less quality but its for testing purposes, you can also do a -fast light option, which in turn means the lighting is low quality but again its useful for testing purposes. Compiling is needed to change the .map file into a .bsp file, so we can play the level, it calculates where brushes are, whats solid, how far you can see and where to light things and what effects the light has etc.


You can leave the default settings to do a normal compile. However before you do this go to "other options"

What I have done here is unticked the following:

Pause after bsp
Pause after vis
Pause after light
Launch MOH:AA after compile

The first "pause after.." options mean that during compiling once it has finished the bsp stage where it is basically creating your map brushes, it will pause and you need to press a key, so unticking this means it will just keep going, onto the vis, where it calculates the visual aspects of what you can see on screen, how far etc, and then it moves onto the light, obviously calculating the light. I have also unticked launch moh, because I dont want to load up straight away once the compile it done.

6. To compile your map, select it from the list, then press "build map" if all goes well a ms dos window will pop up, do the compile and then go off. Lots of things depend on how long the map will take to compile, how large it is, your pc speed, how well you have made the map, how open it is etc. A small room though should take a few seconds, a map say the size of the beach map might take a few hours. The more complex things are the longer it will take.

7. Once your map is compiled, it should then be in the main/maps folder. To load it up go into mohaa. If you havent placed entities in that show what type of map it is it probably wont appear in the custom map menu yet, but most mappers dont use that anyway its much quicker to bring down the console and go that way. One thing you must do is go into advanced options and select "console" now go out of that, then on the main menu press the tilde key which is the ` key. (top left under escape, if that doesnt work try the ' key) Now the console will come down, this is what the developers used to try out different settings themselves and load maps. So to load up a map type in "devmap yourmapname" without the quotes and then it should load up. Obviously when you have completed your map with the correct entities you will be able to select it from the map menu, but it needs the correct entities otherwise it wont show up and this way of loading the map is a lot faster and easier when your developing your map.

Tutorial by eyeronik

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