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Damaged stuff

This tutorial is on how to make things damagable - which doesn't mean to just destroy them but to get proper debris, like a wall that afterwards has a crack in it or a hatch where after explosion only some parts are left - and now we will make a door!

Make some basic room with a cracked door in the middle. It should look like debris after an explosion. If you like to then place some light or just compile it without lights when this is finished. It should look like this (don't care or the blue arrow at the moment):

Now select all the pieces of your cracked door and right click, choose func_static. Press 'N' to see the entity window, enter the values like this:

Now keep your cracked door selected and press 'H' to hide it for the next step. Next thing to do is to make the door like it should be before it gets damaged. Just make some simple brush with door texture on it it doesn't have to look good now and of course it doesn't have to be a working door but only a brush. When you have your brush done right click and choose the func_explosive, enter these values:

Now unhide your debris by again pressing 'H' and you should see a blue arrow leading from the explosive door to the debris:

You don't need any scripting for that - isn't that great!? and now have fun and make cool explosions!

Download map file here

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Tutorial by Muffinman

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