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Making breakable glass

Making breakable glass is very easy, this way you can make not just glass but everything breakable,
fences for example.

1. Make a basic room with a place for a window for the glass, then make a brush that fits in
the gap and choose out of the sfx-textures the tramglass2-texture. You can take any texture you like but not
every glass-texture is see through - you'll have to try
them. It should look similar to the image below:

2. Select the whole brush and right click. Choose func_explosive then press 'N' and the entity window
appears. Here press 'use shader' and enter everything just as I did. Have a look at the other options.
'health' of course is the amount of health points the brush has got. 'type' sets the type of debris you
get when the glass is destroyed, here we take glass.

Now compile your map. Easy isn't it?

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Tutorial by Muffinman
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