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Caulk Hulling

To understand caulk hulling you need to know a bit about brushes, we have two types in "structural" and "detail". What is the difference? well the main difference is that a structural brush blocks vis, this means if you have a structural brush when the "vis" part of the compile starts it will recognise that brush and where the leaf nodes should be. Leaf nodes are what vis creates when it comes across structurual brushes so that when your in one part of a level it isnt drawing other parts or the whole map etc. So the more structural brushes you create the more leaf nodes will be created and the more complex it will be, but with "detail brushes" its different, these type of brushes do not block the vis and therefore dont create lots of leaf nodes. So in theory you want everything to be "detail" so theres very little for the vis to be concerned about. However you cant make everything "detail" because it doesnt seal off the level from the void, you need to add "structural" brushes there.

GKTRadiant by default makes every brush "structural" you have to right click a brush and then choose "make detail". If you want to change it back you can do the same but make structural. So what is caulk hulling? its basically creating structural brushes entirely out of caulk to seal off your "detailed" level. You can indeed overlap the brushes, infact thats what you may find yourself doing in certain situations.

To get a better idea on caulk hulling have a look at Detoeni's sample maps.
Any problems please post in the forum
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